Advanced Witches and Witch D&Ds – Advanced Rules for D&D Classes ( PHB )

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Advanced Witches and Witch D&Ds – Advanced Rules for D&D Classes ( PHB )

“Witch D&D” is a supplement for the popular game of D&D ( Dice and Friends). “Witch” is a common name for the “planeswalkers”, non-humanoids creatures that are usually associated with evil. The use of this term does not imply that the creatures are necessarily evil, merely that they do not have good intentions. They exist in the Mists of Pandaria to help those that would become evil.

Like all the other covens (clans) of the game, the witches are ruled by a queen. Unlike most of the other covens, the queen is usually portrayed as a very old and wrinkled old woman. Her image is important in telling the story of how witches began being coven. Her role is that of both mentor and adviser, helping her coven of witches learn more about how to be evil and also how to defeat their enemies. The queen is also responsible for choosing the strongest of the female witches into her army.

Each witch begins with her basic class, either druid or ranger. After spending time in training and gaining knowledge and skills based on her religion, she must begin to gain experience points (IA’s) to spend on things such as her spell book, weapon mastery, and her charisma. A witch begins with a low level of intelligence ( Intelligence is one of the primary stats in D&D) and no charisma or wit. Wisdom is their ability score used to identify items and personalities. Each witch starts with one point in wisdom.

Each coven is led by a chief who is typically a former witch or wizard. Their primary responsibility is to protect the world from witches. At 1st level, the leaders will receive a four letter word called the Core that grants them control over the coven. At three levels, the leaders can then apply one of four special abilities that are referred to as the Coven Banes. At higher levels, the witches can apply three of the basic Banes.

Like all the classes in D&D, a witch can take an advancement path. There are four paths available; ritualistic, prestige, warlocks, and witch scout. Each path has three sub-paths; combat, PvP, and PvE. A prestige witch has the ability to cast spells from both her wand and hand. In addition to her spellcasting ability, she will also have a selection of tools that she can use to help her in battle such as charms, talismans, wands, and staves.

A spellcasting expert, the main characteristic of this class is the length of her spellcasting ability. At first level, the witch gains her familiar and learns how to cast spells from it. Each familiar has a specific list of spells it can cast. This includes both familiar and domain spells.

The only real limit to the witch’s spellcasting ability is what she can imagine and conceive. If she sees a dark or evil plan for her, she can easily imagine casting a powerful dispel magic on it. The same thing can be said for a planar ally’s attack against her, she can imagine and cast a banishing bolt that instantly kills her attacker and destroys the object or location where the attacker resides. It is this type of mental acumen that allows the witch to defeat an opponent even in direct combat. The witch’s hit points equal her class level + her charisma bonus.

Aside from casting spells, the witch has the ability to shape shift. To do this, she must use the appropriate spirit attunement techniques. Each spirit attunement requires the witch to expend a number of hit dice. This means that at lower levels, the number of hit dice used is correspondingly lower. The levels thereafter increase the number of dice used.