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Dungeons & Dragons affords a variety of character construct choices and objects to hinder your foes in a wide range of methods. Over time, devoted players have discovered highly effective combos of sophistication options, feats, and objects with a purpose to deal probably the most injury or trigger probably the most havoc. Listed below are only a few of them:

  1. Bag of holding + portable hole
  2. Darkness + devil’s sight
  3. Flight + invisibility
  4. Instant fortress + enlarge/reduce
  5. Sentinel + Polearm Master
A notice on energy stage

This listing comprises D&D combos that may give you an edge in fight. Relying in your desk’s energy stage, these combos might hinder the group’s enjoyable. So, discuss to your gamers and Dungeon Grasp earlier than utilizing any of them. Keep in mind, simply because a combo could also be enjoyable for you, doesn’t imply it’ll be enjoyable for others!

1. Bag of holding + moveable gap

Bag of holdingThe bag of holding and the moveable gap combo is a traditional instance of two comparatively innocent objects that, when introduced collectively, carry chaos to the desk. A notice included in each of the objects’ descriptions explains what occurs when a bag of holding is positioned inside a transportable gap or vice versa:

“Inserting a bag of holding inside an extradimensional house created by a helpful haversack, moveable gap, or related merchandise immediately destroys each objects and opens a gate to the Astral Airplane. The gate originates the place the one merchandise was positioned inside the opposite. Any creature inside 10 toes of the gate is sucked by it to a random location on the Astral Airplane. The gate then closes. The gate is one-way solely and may’t be reopened.”

Supply: Bag of holding

There are not any checks to defend in opposition to this impact; any creature inside vary of it’s sucked into the Astral Airplane. Utilizing this combo throughout a boss battle could make for a simple win. Simply be warned that in case your character can be inside that 10-foot radius, they’re additionally a goner!

2. Darkness + satan’s sight

This mixture will be run by Dungeon Masters and warlock gamers alike. First, you’ll wish to solid darkness, a 2nd-level spell that fills a 15-foot radius sphere with magical darkness that nonmagical mild and even darkvision cannot penetrate. The spell causes the blinded situation for creatures within the spell’s radius. That’s, until they’ve one thing like satan’s sight:

Satan’s Sight

You may see usually in darkness, each magical and nonmagical, to a distance of 120 toes.

Supply: Warlock class

The place your enemies will likely be swinging wildly at drawback, you will be cackling and swinging (or blasting) again with benefit. However gamers beware: Dungeon Masters can pull off this combo by pairing the drow with fiends like an imp, bearded satan, or one in all these different creatures with satan’s sight. A couple of monsters even have this combo constructed into their stat block, just like the blue abishai from Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes.

In case you’re a participant contemplating this combo, hold one factor in thoughts: Whereas your enemies may be blinded by your darkness spell, your allies will likely be, too. It may be irritating as a participant when your character is blinded by an ally’s impact. So, place your spell fastidiously!

3. Flight + invisibility

Flying owlin

As a Dungeon Grasp myself, that is a robust mixture that loads of monsters will battle to counter. All you want is a supply of flight, akin to by enjoying a race with a flying velocity just like the owlin, and a supply of invisibility that does not put on off once you assault or solid a spell. The 4th-level spell larger invisibility will probably be your greatest wager. At excessive ranges, look to the legendary cloak of invisibility.

Put this combo within the fingers of a rogue or different ranged injury vendor they usually may gain advantage from benefit on assault rolls made whereas being unseen. In the meantime, enemies will likely be helpless to counterattack until they’ve see invisibility or truesight and ranged assaults to strike again with. That’s a tall order for Dungeon Masters who may be rolling off random encounter tables.

Until fight encounters are created particularly to counter this mixture, an invisible, flying character might simply overwhelm enemies—or trigger sufficient of a distraction that their get together members are left unscathed after a battle. There’s a notable draw back to this mixture, nevertheless: If monsters select to disregard you fight after fight, that’s one much less character to separate up their assaults between. So, hope that your get together members can take some additional hits.

4. Immediate fortress + enlarge/scale back

Instant fortressImmediate fortress will be a right away supply of shelter to your adventuring get together. However it will probably additionally function a bomb. When not in use, an instantaneous fortress is a 1-inch metallic dice. It is on this kind that you will use the magic merchandise to arrange a lure to your enemies.

Enlarge/scale back is one in all my favourite spells within the sport for the sheer utility that may come out of creating creatures and objects larger or smaller. Usually, this spell is nice for turning the get together fighter or barbarian into a large to wreak havoc in your foes. When you’ve gotten an instantaneous fortress, although, you’ll be able to shrink it to the dimensions of a capsule—or half an inch—utilizing scale back. Then, drop the shrunken magic merchandise into an enemy’s drink or pocket with a Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) or simply toss it at their toes. When the second is true, activate the moment fortress to power your goal to make a Dexterity saving throw or be squished by the fortress: 

“Every creature within the space the place the fortress seems should make a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw, taking 10d10 bludgeoning injury on a failed save, or half as a lot injury on a profitable one. In both case, the creature is pushed to an unoccupied house exterior however subsequent to the fortress. Objects within the space that are not being worn or carried take this injury and are pushed routinely.”

Supply: Immediate fortress

5. Sentinel + Polearm Grasp

In case you’ve picked by construct guides for fighters and different martial characters, you’ve got probably stumbled throughout this standard mixture of feats. It makes use of two feats from the Participant’s Handbook: Sentinel and Polearm Grasp. Let’s check out what these dangerous boys do and the way they work together.

  • Whenever you hit a creature with a chance assault, the creature’s velocity turns into 0 for the remainder of the flip.
  • Creatures provoke alternative assaults from you even when they take the Disengage motion earlier than leaving your attain.
  • When a creature inside 5 toes of you makes an assault in opposition to a goal aside from you (and that concentrate on would not have this feat), you should utilize your response to make a melee weapon assault in opposition to the attacking creature.
Polearm Grasp
  • Whenever you take the Assault motion and assault with solely a glaive, halberd, quarterstaff, or spear, you should utilize a bonus motion to make a melee assault with the alternative finish of the weapon. This assault makes use of the identical capability modifier as the first assault. The weapon’s injury die for this assault is a d4, and it offers bludgeoning injury.
  • If you are wielding a glaive, halberd, pike, quarterstaff, or spear, different creatures provoke a chance assault from you after they enter your attain.

Supply: Participant’s Handbook

The sport plan is easy: You rush into battle and get within the face of your enemies. After they try to maneuver away from you or previous you or try to assault one other participant, you spend a response to make a chance assault in retaliation. In case you hit, the enemy is unable to maneuver.

This mixture helps lock down the battlefield, holding enemies off squishier allies and their consideration mounted on you. It is significantly highly effective in areas with tight quarters, akin to a hallway or small room. For max impact, wield a weapon with the attain property, just like the glaive. Doing so will increase your assault vary to 10 toes, permitting you to regulate a bigger portion of the battlefield.

You will not simply be defending your allies, both. Polearm Grasp additionally grants you a bonus motion assault that offers 1d4 injury. This will increase the quantity of assaults you’ll be able to put out, which in flip will increase your total injury output. Simply ensure you have a healer close by to maintain you standing when the baddies get their very own assaults in.

What’s your favourite combo?

These are only a few highly effective D&D combos. Simply bear in mind to maintain your Dungeon Grasp and different gamers in thoughts earlier than choosing one in all these up. It may be enjoyable trivializing fight encounters, however do it time and time once more, and also you would possibly discover others coming to dislike your construct or selection of magic objects. Briefly, talk and be versatile in case your Dungeon Grasp or gamers dislike a sure combo you’ve delivered to the desk. Ultimately, D&D is about having enjoyable collectively—not despite each other. Do you’ve gotten a favourite combo that you just’d like to share? Inform us within the feedback!

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